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Asbestos Removal - Efficient and Safe Asbestos Removal

Ensuring that the home is safe is a priority for most homeowners. Many homes built before the ‘90s have been found to contain asbestos in various places. If you suspect your home has asbestos or material containing it, there is no need to worry as there are companies that can provide safe asbestos removal. Sydney has several companies with many years of experience and expertise in the safe removal of asbestos in your home.

Asbestos in homes

Asbestos was widely used in building materials and can be found in corrugated roofing, water pipes, stoves, heaters and even floor tiles. If the asbestos gets disturbed or deteriorates, it releases fibers into the air that are easily inhaled. Inhaling asbestos fibers is dangerous to your health because these fibers get into the lungs and can cause lung cancer, asbestosis or mesothelioma.

Services offered

There is a wide range of services offered by companies dealing with asbestos removal. Sydney is home to various companies that perform removal of cement sheets, roofing, or wall cladding that contains asbestos. They also provide removal of asbestos contaminated soil, decontamination of a site with asbestos, and removal of asbestos from residential areas.

Removal companies

The type of asbestos that is present in your home will determine the type of removalist that will undertake your asbestos removal. Sydney has Class A licensed removalists who are authorized to remove friable and non-friable asbestos. Class B licensed removalists, on the other hand, are only licensed to remove non-friable asbestos. A competent person without a license is only authorized to remove asbestos that is less than 10 square meters and should carefully follow the safety regulations.


It is a good idea to get several quotes from different removalists so you can compare the offers and select a company that is offering a fair price. Once you contact a removal company, they will visit your home to assess what is required to be done. They will then provide you with a quote indicating the cost of undertaking the work. You can then select the company offering you the best deal.

Work process

Before the removalist begins any removal, he should notify you and your neighbors on when the work will start and how long it will take to complete the work. Your local regulator should also be notified of the ongoing work.

The workers should be trained in identifying and handling asbestos and a supervisor should be available to oversee the removal. Once the work is complete, a licensed assessor should conduct a clearance inspection and issue a certificate of clearance indicating the work has been done to the stipulated standards.

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Any asbestos waste should be carefully placed in a container and securely sealed. The containers should be labeled to show they contain asbestos waste. They should be transported to a site that is licensed to receive asbestos waste.

Clothing that has been used during asbestos removal should be removed and placed in a container and securely sealed. It should then be disposed of with the rest of the asbestos waste or kept sealed and reused during another asbestos removal activity. Footwear can be cleaned with a wet cloth to remove the asbestos dust.

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